Term three classes

Yin Yoga is a re-imagining of the way yoga is practised here in New Zealand and across the globe. In this frenetic, modern-day stressful life we all lead, we are always striving to do more, to be more. Instead, can you give yourself space, time and permission to do less? Can you do less and feel more? Are you willing to reconnect to your body in that space and stay open?

Yin is a super-calm subtle-body practice. Simple, mindful postures to bring balance into your day, by bringing space, attention and awareness into your body. Dedicate 75 minutes in your week to re-learn to slow down, listen, lean in and really notice what is really going on in your body-mind. The more we notice, the more we have to work with.

I'm honoured to bring this style of yoga to Mangawhai, and to offer it alongside and in conjunction with the wonderful community of other yoga, pilates, and other bodywork forms that are being taught here.

Click here for more about Yin Yoga. Please note this is a slow and low style yoga class. This practice is a beneficial compliment to your more active pursuits or yoga practices, and at the same time beneficial for all ages and stages of life.

weekly class schedule

Term Three 2018 : July 25 - Sept 27.  REGISTRATION OPEN NOW

Wednesday 11.15am - 12.15pm     All levels  (space available)

Wednesday 7.15pm - 8.30pm      Level 2      (fully booked - waitlist for spaces) 

Thursday     6.00pm - 7.15pm      Level 1     (fully booked - waitlist for spaces)

Venue:  Christ the King Anglican Church Hall, 9 Molesworth Drive, Mangawhai Village, Northland NZ.

Places are limited to just 12 in a class, please get in touch if you would like to know more or book your space. To join our waitlist, text Katy, and if there's a spot free we will let you know on the day.

TO REGISTER: text Katy with your name on 021 074 0342 or email katycarteryoga@gmail.com

class prices

10 week Term Concession: $145 - commitment to one class per week

5 Class Concession: $75 - valid till end of year. You must book ahead before you attend.

Casual: $16 - *only when space is available.

Payment by cash or bank transfer, email Katy for details.   

Booking essential: text Katy on 021 074 0342 or email katycarteryoga@gmail.com


All Equipment supplied, byo yoga mat, bolster, and blocks if you have them. Please bring a blanket and warm layers.

your safety

Please advise me prior to class of any injury, illness or health issues, mobility or range of motion limits you have or have had. 

class notes

Level 2:  for those with a general yoga practice of one year or more, or some experience of yin yoga.

Level 1: open to all bodies, no experience necessary. Modifications offered for injuries, hips, knees and shoulders etc.

All levels:  Mindful explorations of the subtle and organic body, the myofascia and the connective tissues with both yin (long slow holds) and some slow repetitive movements. This is less abut how far you can go, more about can you stay with what you are feeling. Open to all levels of experience, including beginners.

*ASK ME if you are unsure which is the best class for you*