Meet Katy Carter 

A senior qualified Yoga teacher (ERYT500) in the School of Embodied Flow™, Katy has practiced yoga for over 19 years, and taught yoga for the last 8 years. Katy continues to creatively develop her teaching in line with her own evolving life skills, consciousness and curiosities. A natural communicator and connector, Katy takes you on a journey beyond the everyday ordinariness of being human, into the extraordinary qualities of being.

Trained in London, India, New Zealand, Australia and Bali, Katy has delved ever-deeper into her own yoga practices, to grow and know her self and her relationship to the world around her; and from that embodied exploration, to inspire you to be curious about this intricately amazing ecosystem of body-mind in which we reside, and its relationship to the greater macrocosm of universe all around us. 

Curiosity & Creativity

"Born and raised in New Zealand, I have always been curious: to discover how other people live and experience the world;  to see things from a different angle, through a different lens. My innate curiosity and natural creative impulse drew me to study and practice art, documentary filmmaking, languages, architecture, and eventually yoga. It has taken me far and wide on explorative travels across the world.

This outward looking curiosity was not without challenges. Impacted on many levels by an early childhood car accident, it wasn't until the age of 16 that I began to rediscover a love of movement and physical expression. Ever since, the holistic benefits (mental, physical, emotional) of regular, disciplined exercise and movement have always been powerful motivators. Further debilitated by migraines since puberty, I developed an avid awareness about healthy eating, lifestyle, and complimentary holistic therapies, in order to best support my body to find it's own balance. I began to tune into my body's own capacity to know itself. I began to pay attention.

It was while living in London that my awareness began to flow deeper inwards. An intuitive curiosity about the practices of yoga gradually drew me to the mat. For the last 19 years, this instinct has pulled me ever-inwards. I have become more and more consciously curious about and connected to the vast internal microcosm of universe that lies within each of us." 

Consciousness & Connection

"My yoga practice grew slowly but surely over the years, until it became a huge part of my life. Now I can’t imagine that it was never in my life. What started as a physical practice, facing the challenges of opening a body that wasn’t naturally bendy, has grown and evolved on many subtler levels. Regular practice of yoga in my life has helped me get through huge career changes, navigate relationships, to face fear, grief, depression, uncertainty and self doubt; to see beyond my own self-limiting beliefs and ideas of who I am, how I should be, and what I deserve in this life. Yoga has shown me my own sense of self-worth, reminded me that I am enough.

Yoga has sustained me through the good times and the not so good, through adversity and change, through challenge and growth, and I have come to know it as my greatest teacher, mirror and friend. Yoga has revealed to me my spiritual nature, a deeper sense of my Self. Yoga has taught me to be kinder to myself, and in doing so, to be kinder to others. It has grown from a simple physical practice, to open a rich and previously untapped seam of my own personal journey of the Heart. My awakening to ever-expanding community, shared experience, and support, has offered me the greatest gift of being: connection."