hamsa YOGA

Your body is designed for well-being. It is your natural state, encoded via millions of years of evolution in the brilliant blueprint of your cells. Modern science calls this homeostasis, being in a state of balance with the universe within and around us. Ancient adepts called this yoga - unity of body, mind, spirit, skilfully being present in the flow of life.

At Hamsa Yoga we call this Embodied Consciousness.

In the complex and often stressful circumstances and cycles of life, we can become physically, mentally or emotionally disconnected and out of balance. Things may not be flowing as easefully as we'd like.

At Hamsa Yoga we offer you calm dedicated space, time and sensitive expert guidance to reconnect you to your own unique flow. We know from our experience that yoga will help you love your body and still your mind.  Through mindful embodied practices, we teach you simple and powerful ways to come back to a state of balance.

We believe we can show you that you already have all the resources you need.

'cos after all.......You are Nature.

HAMSA. (hum sah)



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