Meet Katy Carter 


Hello there.  I'm so delighted you found your way to me.  Hamsa Yoga is my baby: it's the evolution and manifestation of my 20 years of yoga practice. I've practiced and studied yoga in several countries (UK, India, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia) and explored many different styles and schools of thought, philosophy and movement.  I've taught yoga for almost half as many years. I also studied art, film and languages in New Zealand, then studied and worked in film and architecture in the UK.

At heart, I'm an artist, a writer, a poet, a maker, a creator, a dancer, a natural communicator and connector. What drives and excites me is a deep curiosity about the staggeringly beautiful world around me; what moves and compels me is a deep curiosity and willingness to know the complex and intricate world within me. I want to feel it all. I don't want to be numbed, medicated, diverted and distracted from this wild and precious life.

From a young age I've been drawn to finding ways to support my body and mind to heal and repair itself. Experience has taught me to be a great believer in what you put in is what you get out. Over the decades I've made clearer, more conscious choices about taking care and paying attention to this body mind, and its delicate equilibrium. I have experienced the subtle shifts and changes of growth and ageing, and I'm learning to navigate them with gratitude and grace. My yoga journey has been, like many, from the outside in. And now I'm in, the work really begins.

Yoga has been, without a doubt, the single biggest catalyst and teacher of self-awareness and growth in my life. It has been my longest relationship, a love affair with learning : about myself, about other bodies and lives, about our shared beautiful fragile fleeting humanness. Yoga has up-skilled my capacity on so many levels and up-levelled my conversations with the world. It has softened me, it has strengthened me, it has offered me resilience, kindness and compassion.  

The yoga that I teach will take you on a journey beyond the everyday ordinariness of being human, into the extraordinary felt qualities of being. The yoga that I teach will wake you up from the slumber of quotidian life - the daily grind of feeling like you are not enough. It will give you a glimpse of your unbounded capacity, your unlimited Self.  But you have to be willing to trust your self, to lean in, and pay attention.

Come on in. The view is magnificent.