Everything changes....that, you can be sure of.

What a week it has been. Hang on to your hats friends, we are going to see some big changes across the globe. The best we can all do is, in the words of one of my favourite contemporary performance poets Kate Tempest: "Hold your own

Personally, I have been deeply shocked and saddened by this year's major swings towards division and hatred, in the UK, a place I called home for a long time, and now in the US. After all the hard fought battles over the last century to get us as a human race to really see each other as equals, the fact remains that the global economic system is just not working to meet the needs of many. Sadly, manipulated by the divisive rhetoric of the ridiculously privileged few seeking power, we are encouraged toward anger and blame, towards separation and otherness.

Yoga, an ancient Sanskrit word comes from the root meaning Union. In all these years I have been learning and practising yoga, I have come to understand, in an embodied way, in a deeper knowing way, the many layers of this thing called life through which this union resonates. At present, I understand it to mean connection. That you and I are single cells in the body of all that is. We are all interdependent. That we are not separate, just little individuals striving on our own, as it appears on the surface. But that at the depths of our existence, we are all connected: to each other, to this Mother Earth, to the microcosm of universe which embraces and reflects us, to something potent and alive inside each and every one of us that is bigger than us. What you do and how you behave ripples out and affects everyone around you (and, magnify that as many times as you can think of). Cause and effect. What we do and how we behave towards each other matters. Deeply. The person next to you reflects your own light right back at you. They are you.

So, how will you treat your self? How do you want to be seen ( and treated) in the world? Think of that my friend, and no matter what comes, meet the world with LOVE. Union. United we stand, divided we fall. 

Meanwhile here in New Zealand, everyday life carries on. Our own private and personal domestic economics play out as they will. With perhaps for some of us, just a little more tinge of heightened awareness, that life as we know it is a privilege, that every single day is precious.


With just five more weeks of term to go, and Christmas holidays just around the corner, I have some big news of my own to share with you. I try to live my life more and more with that very awareness, that life is so precious and every day matters. To really live this authentically, I am about to take a huge leap of faith and manifest my long-held vision. It's very exciting for me, and I hope it may be for you too! Since returning to live in New Zealand 8 years ago, and even before that, in the depths of my gritty urban London life, I have always envisioned living by the sea, surrounded by and living simply and sustainably in an inspiring and magnificent panoramic landscape - something that we have here in abundance! 

To my delight and surprise, my partner and I have found our dream place to live and all very suddenly, we are ready to go for it. It just happened a little sooner than I expected. So....we will be moving out of Auckland. Right after Christmas. Sadly, at the end of this term I will no longer run weekly Yoga classes in Auckland.

I know - pause for disappointment / *insert feelings here* to arise - I know. The only thing we can be certain of in this life is that everything changes......

But don't despair: I'm not about to abandon you completely! All that I have cultivated and grown over these last few years through teaching Yoga and community - this is the next iteration, a growth and realisation phase. There will continue to be offerings from Katy Carter /Hamsa Yoga, just in a different form. Part of my vision is to host personal tailored weekend retreats, at this gorgeous location, just a 90 minute drive from Auckland. I promise you I shall continue to create and facilitate life-changing and life-affirming retreats and workshops, engendering self-awareness and connection, both here in NZ and abroad. I may even get around to putting those classes online at last - so you can continue to practice with me from afar!

I will also be setting up my own pottery and painting studio - the main impetus for moving out of the city, something that has also been a long held dream. As well as developing my personal creative practices, watch this space for future creative projects, workshops, and retreats - if that floats your boat - say YES please!

I am so very blessed to have grown as a part of this ever-evolving and expanding yoga community, which is of course, a part of our wider wonderful diverse community, and so honoured to have had you join me on this journey of awakening. I have learnt more by teaching yoga than I have learnt by doing anything else in life. It fills my heart to know that globally as well as locally we have reached a tipping point with this conscious evolution (yes we have - and just in time it seems too!)....and even as the old defended guard parts of the world rail against it, in the end, LOVE will win out. Keep practising yoga, express your voice and join a kirtan group, meditate, dance, come together with your fellow human beings and celebrate BEING! The beautiful thing is that there are now so many ways to do this, all happening right here in your local area.

With all that said, there are still weekly classes ongoing in Pt Chevalier, Auckland every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday until December 17th. If you haven't yet made it to my classes in Pt Chev, now is your chance to pop along and say hi, goodbye, see ya, love your work.... And if you have been coming all along, then keep coming till the end of the term and enjoy as much connection to your self and your community as you can. Let your light be seen!

There are a few spaces left on my end of year retreat at Mana, in Coromandel: 4 whole days and nights of yoga, meditation and getting grounded and connected to the land, your self, each other. Just the ticket for the end of a big big year. Get in touch soon as this will sell out. My Bali retreat has already sold out, but rest assured, there will be more in the pipeline!

Wherever I am, know that I continue to support and hold you in community and connection in any way I can. If you would like to hear what I am up to, and how you can participate, or simply let me know how you are and keep in touch, the please send me an email back to let me know. Or add me on facebook. I will keep you on the mailing list until you decide to unsubscribe.

With bucket loads of love and huge gratitude