Just do nothing

 If the '80's were all about Just doin' it, the 'tweenies' are about making space and doing less.....

If the '80's were all about Just doin' it, the 'tweenies' are about making space and doing less.....

I saw this cutest sweatshirt today, that seemed to sum up what I've been getting super geeky about these past few months. At the start of the year, I wrote about how I was slowing down and spending time in the Emptiness, the Śūnyatā, paring things right back to allow something new to arise and flow in. Well, six months on, so much newness has flooded in. Days go by and I long for even an hour of that emptiness! How do I carve out time to practice regularly, to let creativity arise and flow, and time to do no thing?

There may never be that extra day in the week that I wish for, but what brings me back to ground, without fail, is every time I get on the mat, or sit quietly and calmly in meditation. Last night I indulged in a nourishing restorative home practice of just 4 or 5 poses, mostly lying on the floor, on bolsters, zenning myself out with focus on the breath and surrender.

And you know what? I feel all right with the world again. Despite the chaos, the confusion, challenging times and uncertain future of the world around us. I feel equanimous. We may not be able to control what happens around us. But we can affect the quality of our experience, whether we unconsciously react, or consciously choose to respond. Our experiences on the yoga mat equip us to handle whatever life throws at us, from this place of equanimity, of sovereignty.

That's why regular practice matters. That's why it's called Yoga Practice. It is so vital to make that commitment to yourself. To sustain your self, and make that a non-negotiable, in order that you can continue to give all that you give in the world. It's finding that mutual balance, that Yield into life, of being able to receive, no more and no less than you are able to give. That reciprocity with life is what we refer to as being in the Flow. 

So my precious friend, I am here to encourage you, to remind you, that you deserve to carve out time, to take care of Number 1.  And that is not just an external thing, a pampering, a rewarding, because those things that we give ourselves to make ourselves feel better... in the end, do they? No 'thing' really gets in and makes the difference to how we feel like paying attention to our internal world. Giving ourselves space and time to really look and listen and feel, giving ourselves the unconditional love we know we deserve. That is priceless.

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